Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Happy, Happy Hour!

Call me a sushi-vangelist if you want, but I promise not to bang you over the head with my chopsticks or ask you to recite the handroll menu before taking you into the sushi-nistic community.

I will however tell you that after paying over $40 each time I felt a calling to the wasabi-laden wonders, I have found my own little version of heaven.

Happy hour!

Last night, I dined on edamame, miso soup, and various options of seafood covered rice delicacies for under $15 (though I did exceed that when I included a tip) and under 700 calories. Ahhhh . . . streets of gold you can keep, I'll take unagi with a generous side dish of ginger!


e said...

where and when was about an invite next time...e

Jean said...

Girlfriend I am with you. Actually, if we can convince people, maybe after church next week I can take you to a local sushi place we have up here. It's actually a chinese buffet (it sounds much scarier than it is), but they also do made-to-order sushi for $9-$12 (depending on the time of day) - all you can eat! The menu is limitted, but they have the regulars (salmon, tuna, unagi, etc.) and they have several rolls to choose from, so when you are looking for value, enough to be truly, deeply full and lots of wasabi - Pepper Chinos on Steubner and 1960.