Thursday, September 21, 2006

Wisdom – Just a Keystroke Away

The Week tipped me to a wonderful idea/resource. Elder Wisdom Circle is a web site offering insights into relationships, money, careers and other matters to thousands of young adults who want to hear what 60+ year olds have to say about their issues. Managed by 600 senior citizens from around the country, the website allows for questions to be answered for free. Here are just a few of the topics:
20 and Never Had a Boyfriend
4 Year Old Won't Eat
Accepting a Generous Offer
Afraid of Men After Assault
Against Daughter's Plan to Shack Up
Am I Too Picky with Men?
Become a More Patient Parent
Can't Tell If She Likes Me
Career as a Musician
Cheating on Husband, But I Still Love Him
Choose Education or Love?
Considering Adultery
Daughter Has Controlling Boyfriend
Explain Dysfunctional Family to a 3 Year Old?
Feel Like Mother Disowned Me
Feeling Trapped By Girlfriend
Follow Head or Heart?
Friend Not Repaying Loan
Handle Affairs for Aging Father
Having Trouble Getting Over Break Up
He Avoids Sex
He's Affectionate, Fun...and an Alcoholic
Help Mom Celebrate Wedding Anniversary
His Cursing Bothers Me
How To Deal with His Anger?
How to Tell Mom I Need Therapy
Husband Traveling Without Me
I Hate School
I Suspect Age Discrimination
I want a dog!
I'm terminally ill - How can I prepare my child?
Ideas for Spicing Up a Relationship
In-Law Wants to Reconcile After 20+ Years
Jewelry Gift Ideas
Keep a Confidence, or Tell Police?
Lonely College Freshman

I’m impressed with the responses I checked out. I didn’t do an extensive read of the site but I love the idea that (a) young adults are acknowledging there is wisdom to be had and (b) senior adults are willing to think thoughtfully and give their time and insights to others.

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some chick said...

did you hear about the old british dude on youtube? he offers his thoughts on life and has become a sensation. I believe young people really do want to hear what their older generations are saying and really do want to glean from their wisdom. I think the problem is they just don't know how to talk to each other.

when you have a 16-year-old kid whose world revolves around texting, IMing, media and consumer culture, how do you get their grandmother who refuses to turn on a computer because there's no point in learning to relate? most young people aren't willing to use their older gen's methods, not out of arrogance or anything, they just don't have the perspective to reach out yet - i think that comes with maturity.

these two examples - the one you give and the one i give - show how the elders have reached across that barrier and have begun communicating.

that's kind of thought-vomity, not well written, but i hope the point comes across.