Friday, May 25, 2007

OK . . . I Thought It Was Funny

Justin and I were texting. He's often a bit silly in that tiny space of lighted characters and shortened speech.

J: We need 2 shun Jerry. I just found out he's a Methodist.

Me: It's worse than that. He was a Baptist.

J: We shd strt a club and Jerry and Gary (NOTE: another Baptist and a preacher we know) can't be members.

Me: Anyone with the -ary sound in their name can't be mbrs!

J: We cd have cool t-shirts.

Me: And we wd be called the missing-arys!

(I crack myself up sometimes!)


some chick said...


too funny.

brad/futuristguy said...

or, if you wished to name yourselves based on just-inclusion/care-enclusion rather than exclusion, you could be the present-ens.


crack myself up, too!

brad/futuristguy said...

OMG, or perhaps you should be the out-with-the-ists.

or the denominay-shuns.

can i join? i got gump-shun ...

KC said...

You know my motto -- All are welcome! Unless of course I decide you're not and then I'll just write a new version of my "faith and message" and tell everyone who is in and who is out!