Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mind in the Gutter

Note: If you are easily offended by innuendo, do yourself a favor and stop reading now.

Writers and editors have long known how violent editorial-speak really is.

Clark Kent may have been working that "mild-mannered" persona but in all likelihood he knew he was Superman long before he donned those tights. He had to deal with deadlines and the knowledge that his story could be killed on a whim. His points would often be made with bullets. Long stories could bleed.

You non-writers might have thought it was all keyboards and white space but I'm telling you, it's a violent, violent word world.

And then ... there's the sleazy side.

One must avoid the gutter in print but we don't hesitate to ask for two more inches to fill the hole.

Oh if it were only that easy!


some chick said...

you know, i think i've got some spam in my inbox that could help you solve that problem.

Finding the Happy said...

Those 2 inches are reserved for the antics of Paris or Britney. Just make something up and insert their name...and title it "Self-Fulfilling Prophecy."