Sunday, August 26, 2007

Faith Wow!

This weekend the big news was that Mother Teresa had doubts. In fact, she spent most of her ministry wondering where God was.

When I read the account, I had two reactions. First, I thought, "My God, I finally have something in common with Mother Teresa!"

My second was a bit startling. Since she really didn't want her letters of confession published it hit me that she could have possibly lacked in a community who would accept her in her unbelief, a community who gave her the freedom to doubt.

"I have that!' I thought. "I never doubt that I have room to doubt and still be loved by my friends. . . Wow . . . I'm one up on Mother Teresa!"



some chick said...

"one up on mother theresa..."

somehow it just feels wrong to say that, on the one hand, and on the other hand, is quite comforting.

KC said...

yeah, that's the point ... so weird to think that I have it somehow better than someone who I continue to hold in the highest regard no matter what her faith was like (and maybe higher now that I know she mostly lacked it) ... wow, right?

some chick said...

yeah - i feel like i respect her even more now, too.

tenacity. that's the word.