Thursday, March 06, 2008

60 Miles from Crazy and Driving Below the Limit

I have a new "job."

My buddy asked me yesterday if this was like my other jobs with the theaters where I usher for free, and Bering Omega where I work at a hospice for free, and the rodeo where I speak for free and Africa where I did my communications stuff for free.

So if you're wondering if that's what the quotation marks are about, then yes, it is.

Still, I feel I'm going to be employed. And, in fact, I may eventually make a few dollars. But the point of this year is to gain experience more than income (and I can happily report that part of the journey has been tremendously successful).

So Monday morning I'll report to my new office -- running the campaign headquarters of my state representative.

I'm thrilled.

First, I really respect the candidate. She won her first term a couple of years ago and has proven herself over and over to be beyond the barriers of party lines and about education, health, and things I hold dear. Plus her right hand woman is a good friend of mine and soon to be my boss.

I told the rep during the interview that I took this year off to do the things I could have never done in my old position. I explained that in Africa, I had regained the passion that I had once held dear whenever I helped a person live into a passion that drove their every step. And I readily admitted that I was clueless about most things political.

Still she "hired" me. I think her only reluctance was the thought that my church background might make me a tad sensitive to what she described as her irreverence.

Is that laughter I hear coming through the Internet???? Yeah, I laughed too.

My friend/and now boss is beginning to send me emails for my to do list on Monday. Today she asked if she was driving me crazy.

"We're 60 miles from Crazy and driving below the limit at this point. No worries," I replied. And, frankly, it's true. I'm sure it's going to get strange, wild and maybe even hectic.

I plan on enjoying every minute of the ride!


T said...

That is AWESOME! You will be perfect, absolutely. Any trips to Austin part of the deal? We have the state capitol here, you know.

Anonymous said...

Please tell me you are working for a Democrat!