Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's May!

I may move into a nice, big townhome for the next five months.

I may get my beloved old apartment back in October.

I may not be the wandering vagabond.

I may miss the borrowed space, beds, futons, couches, closets, storage sheds and attics where I and my things are stored.

But I will definitely remember it all and be grateful.

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T said...

I'm SO happy you're back to this space! Now that I know your head is above water, I may even give you a call--
Remember back when you were in Austin and we sat in the youth meeting room and talked about the future that had not yet taken shape yet--all the maybes and possiblys and ifs were all there in a nebula we were calling "next year"--and now here it is, being written about in the past tense!