Friday, July 11, 2008


Me to a friend: "My love life is in flux. My home life is in flux. My job life is in flux. I'm all fluxed up."

My friend: "Guess you're a fluxing mess!"

And then we laughed because really, what's to complain about?

With my typical glass-half-full eyes, I can also see in the midst of flux that:

I have a relationship . . . with a good man who may not wind up being the right man for me but is good nonetheless AND with friends who love and support me in flux and out.

I will have another home . . . and this next structure will no doubt be my home for the next few years. Until then I have offers of many couches, spare beds and futons!

I have a job . . . and though it will end when my candidate gets elected (note once more the positive thinking) I am making a reputation as someone who knows how to handle myself in a variety of settings. And Who knows where that will lead?

So, yeah, all fluxed up and still smiling!

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juli said...

and now? what are things like now...

have you read the book 'eat, pray, love'? it reminds me of you...i love it. miss you.