Sunday, July 04, 2010

New Life, the Sequel to the Sequel

Once July got here, the reality of my situation began to sink in. I'm leaving my job (for which I'm paid regularly) because I no longer want to work in that environment. However, I have no new environment on the horizon. So I'm listening to what others are saying and trying to pay attention.

"Karen, you should let people pay you to do that."

"We'd love to have your skill sets, but as a non-profit with no steady income, we can't afford you."

"You need to be in a creative space."

"Karen gets her energy from touch."

"You're not old."

As a result of comments like these and remembering the inspiring examples of my friend Cam and Larry who both stopped the road they were on and went back to school for a new one, I'm looking at massage therapy school. A program starts Aug. 23. I could be through in six months. I could freelance at night and on the weekends to try and make ends meet but I am also looking at whether I could use my retirement funds without penalty in order to go to school.

I'm nervous, excited, maybe a little worried, and ready.

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