Thursday, September 16, 2010

Observations from a Massage School Newbie

1. The student nightmare that usually occurs before the presentation is due -- that you are making the presentation and then look down to realize you're naked -- is fact, not fiction, in massage school. Your fellow students will see you naked. You'll be draped. But you will be naked.
2. Massage school is one of the few learning institutions where homework means remembering to shave your legs.
3. During the first weeks of "hands-on learning" bruises happen. Lots of bruises. I sort of wear them like battle scars. I may soon suggest a game of trying to identify shapes, kinda like what you do on a sunny day with white puffy clouds. The best I can do right now is that the one on my forearm (anterior view) looks like an eggplant. Unfortunately, the one on my forearm (posterior) is directly beside an age spot and is blending in way too well. The ones on my thighs? Well, let's just say it looks like I've been having more fun than I really have.


Terri said...

KC ....

I so agree with this, but wait until the draping gets flipped or your "anatomy" is used as a teaching point :-)

And in 2 weeks, we have the swimsuits .... I think that is the worst!!


KC said...

Yes, I had to laugh when we both moaned about the swimsuit. Here we are stripping and in prone positions beneath a sheet that our fellow students have only partial success at making it a true drape and yet we let out audible groans at the news of the pool! :)