Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Been Writing ... Just Not Here

In case you're wondering why I haven't been writing lately, I have! The writing I'm doing at the moment is for clients. I have six groups with whom I work -- ranging from nutritional supplements for people with AIDS, to social enterprise working with human trafficking, to an association of churches and my biggie which is all about breast health!

UBA is where I worked once upon a time when I was a bit more traditional. Here are a couple of links to stories I just finished for them: http://ubahouston.org/629238.ihtml and
http://ubahouston.org/629540.ihtml. I also have one in the wings about a man who has proven to be about faith and ministry rather than fame and millions. It's the next blog entry.

I meet lots of great people when I write features and the blog entry after the one on Pastor J is the feature I did on a 12-year-old who could teach us all a thing or two!

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