Friday, February 04, 2005

He Asked

"How's it going?"
He asked with genuine-ness,
taking his seat at my otherwise empty table.

One of the good guys,
he refrained from empty
platitudes and
showy gestures.

So I answered.

"Do you see those two young men
at the end of the table?
The ones who look as though they
just entered college?
Do you see the crowd surrounding them?
Do you hear the excitement in each greeting?

"They were invited to this all-male
gathering of priests and pastors.
Pleas went out for this next generation
to participate.

"They were invited,
And I'm allowed to be here.

"So under the circumstances,
allowing for that . . .
it's going well."

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I loved this one! I recognized it! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog in ways I can't describe. I spent the weekend with a friend and thought of you--"If only all my wonderful, cool, challenging friends could meet each other!" I'm so grateful to you for inviting me to share your blog.
Love you--trisha