Thursday, February 10, 2005

HELP Wanted

Some of you know that I volunteer at an AIDS hospice in Houston. Called Omega House, that hospice is now under much needed renovation. Lots of folks have dedicated their expertise to upgrading the facility. Now we're in need of not-so-much expertise as pure labor!

Here's the latest note that's gone out:

THURSDAY FEB 10, FRIDAY FEB 11, SATURDAY FEB 12, SUNDAY FEB 13 all day, any time, you could come and be a part of the AWESOME team that is renovating this home so the residents have a compassionate place to spend their last days with dignity, surrounded by people who love them.
Please call 713-523-7110 ext. 117 and let us know when you can help. This Saturday especially needs lots of able and willing people. Volunteers on this project do not need to attend any orientation. You can bring friends and family and just sign in at the door. We do ask that volunteers are at least 16 years of age, and if under 18 accompanied by an adult.

The projects they are working on are simple ones like pulling up carpet. Don't wear good clothes but do expect to be rewarded with MUCH thanks.

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