Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I Saw A Young Man with Great Passion

The thin young man adds to the sense of his utter linear-ness with blonde dreds, a bandana, glasses ala Clark Kent, and clothes he made himself that hang across his curtain rod shoulders and down, down, down. He's not a tall drink of water in the ooo la la category. He's simply very tall and very thin.

He's also very passionate about . . . well just about everything.

Must be nearing or even slight past 30 but that's based on life experiences he quoted. Not solid evidence. I didn't card him.

He's mastered a masters, spent time in a megachurch on staff, worked with Mother Teresa, gone to circus school, can breathe fire, written a book, helped save a deserted Catholic church building for the homeless families who had settled there (complete with media coverage), reclaimed an abandoned house in Philadelphia in a community just off the street where the prostitutes hang out, fixed up said house, and now lives there while working with the community to bring about transformation.

Oh, yes, and he just got back from Iraq where he visited with natives and troops, assuring all of the love of Christ, and even surviving a wreck and less than ideal situations for medical care.

This man cares. He's looking forward to getting home and playing with the kids in the street with the open fire hydrants serving as their main source of entertainment and cooling.

This man reads . . . and retains seemingly every word on the page.

This man shares . . . sales from his book go to the community. He's part of a collective that allows the uninsurable to pay for medical care.

This man teaches. We've spent the last two days listening.

This man is somehow more than a man.

If Christ really does live within, then he lives within this man.

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