Monday, April 23, 2007

My Thighs Are Killing Me OR The Downside of Volunteering

Imagine 950 gift bags bearing an obscure representation of Saks' logo. Imagine numerous pieces of propaganda that must be inserted into said gift bags. Imagine having a few hundred ready and waiting for only one missing advertisement, when you're told, "Oh, yes, there's one more thing. . . the ad has to be placed directly in the program and not just dropped in the bag . . . and oh, one more thing, each bag must be placed on this ad that must be placed in each seat . . . and oh, yes, there's that whole thing about we're going to run out of the actual "gift" that is in the bag so you'll have to move about hundred bags you've already placed in the ballroom to the seats up front so the folks who REALLY paid will have a full bag."

Imagine that I don't have to imagine. Because I was there. Perfecting my version of a downward facing dog position as I continuously packed bags for three hours.

Did I mention my thighs are hurting???!!!

I did eventually get in my zone. I smiled politely whenever anyone added a new assignment for these evergrowing then shrinking bags. I nodded with vigorouse affirmation that indeed we would pack these bags to order. Then I continued with what I had been doing.

No way in ... here or anywhere else that may be equally as hot as I was on Saturday ... am I going to unstuff a program to move an ad from the front to the back.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

As far as I know, the volunteer uprising did not result in any furious propaganda readers' abrupt exit of the premises.

I know. We can all breathe a collective sigh of relief!

As for the event ... very interesting. I was none too thrilled with this gathering last year as I had worked hard and never even been asked my views on the organization or encouraged to join.

This year it was run by people who actually believe in the cause more than the party that encourages support. This year I saw chairpersons get down on the floor and stuff those bags. This year we "lowly" volunteers weren't the only ones sweating.

This year I didn't mind the pain because this year, I think we really did have something to gain.

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juli said...

always the rebel. ha!