Thursday, April 12, 2007

Remembering When

We climbed the steep, narrow stairs each Sunday.
Our teachers waited in the room of straight edges and few windows
with good intentions and a lack of understanding
that 5th graders require more than rules
to touch their hearts
more than guilt
to push them along the path
more than words
to ignite them to action.

God knows
they tried
they prayed
they talked.

But so did we
and usually our topics included
games, school, and who was being mean and/or nice
to whom (only we would have said who because let's see we were 5th graders).

The Sunday Morning Endurance Race transpired
9 a.m. to 10 each week, rain or shine.

We never realized the power we held . . .
more of us, less of them.

we are

And the thunder roar of 5th grade feet on stairs
is enough to give me chills and prompt prayers.
I pray that they too hold their power in ignorance
I pray that their Sunday morning chatter focuses on fun and not fears
I pray that guilt is never used to guide them
I pray that their bright eyes and wide smiles
remain innocent just a little longer.

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