Tuesday, October 16, 2007

See Larry Run a Half Marathon?

See Larry waiting for race (and the porta-potty).

See Larry getting set with other fast runners.

See Larry stretch after race.

See Larry show off his medal from race.

See Larry enjoying sweet victory!

Note what you don't see: Larry actually running the race! Why you might ask? Well . . .

I got up at 5:15 a.m. to support Larry. Rode in the dark and fog and then walked sluggishly to the race area. Finally found coffee and an English muffin and was revived enough to give the man a pep talk and assure him he could beat his personal best time of 1:50 and make his goal of a half marathon in 1:45. I even walked alongside the runners for two miles and then turned around to get back to the finish line in time to see my friend cross it.

That's when I noticed they were picking up any signs that there'd been a race. All indicators of "turn here" or "here" were gone. And I was in San Jose, CA with not a clue of how I got to the little side street with the colorful houses. In a true Southern "bless your heart" moment (or what folks in San Francisco would say was just a stupid move on my part), I wandered and finally one hour and 50 minutes after starting my trek I made it back to the race area in time to see the pace flag for 1:45 a half block away and headed for the finish. At first I thought I could catch up. Then it hit me they were running and I was walking with a back pack and far less training in speed!

By the time I met Larry at the location we'd agreed on, he was stretching.

However ....


And even if I wasn't there to capture it, a chip on his shoe and the smile on his face was proof enough.

See Larry. See Larry run.

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