Saturday, August 08, 2009

Been a While . . .

I've missed this.

My fingertips on the keys. The blue header of the page on which I type. The idea forming and then becoming keystrokes and finally materializing as a story, observation, or just the beginning of a thought but still very real because it was now on a page.

I've written any number of pieces since giving up the blog almost a year ago. But few have been captured. The stark nakedness of a computer screen locked in New File mode is intimidating. I need the sense that what I write could be read and shared with friends. Then and only then is it real.

But I can't blog about work. I didn't have access to the Internet at home. And the fact that I wasn't convinced I had anything left to say meant I've put something I enjoy to the side.

Well, I'm giving it another go. I'll skip the work stuff. I just got off the phone with Comcast (Argh!) and now I'm saying little more than I'm going to give it another try. Still that's a start.

So hello again. I"m back.


texelct said...

Welcome back friend. Missed you in the blogesphere.

Finding the Happy said...

So glad you're back. Nice thing about the Blogosphere, we sincerley miss you when you're gone and welcome you back with open arms when you return.

Cheers friend!

Cacao-Me said...

I thought my blogs had become few and far between, but when I went to check yours each week.... YEA! Glad you're back. I did miss reading your insights and adventures this year.
Peace, Larry