Sunday, January 17, 2010

Choo Choo

For those of you who already think I have a permanent ticket on the crazy train, you're going to do little more than shake your head at this one. . .

I'm dreaming the dream of the HGTV Dream Home. Every day I enter to win.

The significance of this ritual is that I don't do it thinking I'm going to win a house. I do it and dream I will. Years ago when I worked with organizations encouraging them to develop vision statements, I did so with amusement because I really didn't have one for my life. The closest I could get to such a thing was, "I see myself in my 50s on a mountain in New Mexico, wearing colorful blouses and skirts that flow in the wind, walking out to greet the numerous guests who come to me for rest and restoration."

The new dream home is in New Mexico . . . on Campbell Ranch. (But I just learned that last part.)

Since the Rose Bowl Parade when I first saw the ad and went online to see what was happening, I've begun to tell myself a story:

I own the home. Situated between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, it makes for a great bed and breakfast. I live in the casasita that is attached to the main house via a walkway. Writers, pastors, priests and folks who just need to breathe visit regularly. I work with local artisans, chefs, and community leaders to provide a creative environment for retreats or events. Whatever is earned goes back into maintenance and then a foundation is established to handle the rest and begin to establish something that focuses on young women and either writing or cooking or leadership or all of the above. With the $500,000 that's part of the package, I have the funds to do the start up and possibly keep a place in Houston since home is where your people are and many of mine are here. At first I thought, I might convert the office to another bedroom for more income but now I'm thinking that the book I've wondered if I had in me could be birthed there.

The vision grows every day. Will I be disappointed if the call never comes? No. Because what this exercise has done for me is remind me that I can't stop dreaming, that the creative exile I've imposed on myself was my own doing, and that the gorgeous vistas of the world are open to all -- rich, poor, or dreamers with tickets on the crazy train.


Trisha said...

I love your life! And your dream, too. And, always, your blog.

KC said...

Thank you! I'm hoping that my recent reframing will translate into my writing a bit more often. Hope all is well with you.