Friday, January 29, 2010

Congested TV

I've been sick for three days. This post is not a complaint however. All I have to do is read the paper and see a photo from Haiti and I silence my cough and say a word of gratitude that there's a pharmacy nearby and soup in my fridge.

So what am I doing on a Friday night posting about not complaining about being sick?

I'm watching bad television. Actually, the shows haven't been that bad. Medium intrigues me and Numbers is pretty cool with geeky eye candy. But what's caught my eye today/tonight are the commercials.

--Michael Jackson in 3D at the Grammys. Really? I get having yet another tribute to him since he was a musical presence for so long, but his music isn't enough? We need 3D?
--Texas is promoting voter registration and they have a young woman in a school hallway saying, "My kids asked me if I was going to vote. Duh!? I'm a teacher ..." She lost me at Duh. She really lost me when she added that she didn't know if she was registered.
--Other than Eric Clapton looking really, really old, why should I look twice at the new Fender phone?
--The new McDonalds series featuring sexy people talking sexy to a sandwich, skinny models eyeing the male clothes horse because he's eating a wrap? That's the draw? He's cute and broke, girls! Or else he'd be eating at the Olive Garden!
--The attack of the Wheat Thins ... a male version and a female version ... both of them bite.

Many commercials are movie shorts -- creative and enticing. Others are like the phlegm in my chest I can't get rid of.


Dr. John Fairless said...

Love it, Karen...just what are the commercials trying to sell us? I watched the Hallmark Hall of Fame tonight with my wife and mother-in-law. Now, those folks know how to do commercials! (As long as everything works out well in the end!)

I regret to say that our trip through Texas next week is going to detour around Houston...Sheila and I were hoping to see you, but it appears that it will have to wait for another trip. Will still try to keep up online during the week, however. Feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

Yes, MJ in 3d. It seemed a little creepy to me..

Eric Clapton old? Yes, but I still love the commercial, the music..