Sunday, January 09, 2011

Another Day in the New Life of Me

Spent the day counting nutritional supplements and healthy options for everything from hand creams and shampoos to power bars and energy drinks.

Then set up an AIDS Walk Houston page for the Houston Buyers Club (where I was doing all that counting).

Came home and read the incredible tale of the young man who worked with Congresswoman Giffords before trained medical assistance could arrive. I began to cry as I thought of all the interns and staffers I've worked with and how every one of them had equal degrees of passion, intelligence and courage.

So when I opened the door to my two expected guests, I was in tears. I then explained why and proceeded to (a) try to stretch and knead a constricted neck muscle on my friend, then (b) give her daughter her third-ever massage.

After, I received a text message from the friend which I will treasure forever: "I hope someone says about me what my daughter said about you, 'I felt like I was her friend after 5 minutes in her home.' (Emphasis on the 'I'.)"

Today was the day I've been working toward for the last several months ... non-profits, caring people, addressing pains, providing pleasure.

Ahhhhh . . . I think I'll sleep well tonight.


shannon said...

So love it ... to see you living the life you desired/ created! You rock!

KC said...

Let's keep praying for that windfall for Sweet Notions that will enable you to live your dream without having to hold your breath about finances!