Thursday, September 23, 2004

First Class Upgrade

She pats and smears and smudges
Lips, eyes – the face held captive in
the compact’s mirror
Beauty to behold
Yet the Beast is only an arm’s length away
Ready to devour and consume

I hold high my regard to disregard
such attempts
Yet on occasion I also fall victim to
fiends of self-doubt and questioning
And check and recheck reflection space
to insure I am presentable

So, accepting a shared reality,
I’ll give the girl her due.

She is beautiful.

1 comment:

ELS Houston said...

I'm so proud of you for bearing your soul for all to see...

I kept hearing people say "a blog is supposed to be this and supposed to be that" before I left, and I realized I disagree. it's supposed to be whetever you want it to be. So I hope you can make it just that, as I know the decision to do this was not one you took all that lightly...

I'm glad to see your's impressive, but not surprising. It's/You're beautiful.