Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hide and Seek

I wanted to be found
Almost as soon as the game began
Then I could laugh and play
With someone --
Even if it was “It,”
Even if it meant losing.

Winning didn’t matter,
Playing did.

Safe at home
Was a destination
For those with the desire
To run for it.

I wasn’t a risk-taker
Back then.

And seeking solo?
Me as It?
No thank you.
Too many what if’s and might be’s
Lurked around each corner.

I still want to be found.
I still care more about playing than winning,
And safe at home only matters
If there’s someone to share it with.

Though now willing to risk,
And no longer afraid of possibilities,
I nevertheless prefer to be sought
Rather than seek.

I long for
Someone to look for me,
For who I am,
What I can do.

I still want It to come to me.

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