Sunday, January 16, 2005

13.1 Miles? No Problem!

Actually at mile 12 when those tricky race planners had us shuffling toward the George R. Brown Convention Center and our goal was in sight and then turned us for an extended block or two of torture, I wasn't quite sure that I'd make it but I did.

Did you get that? I completed the half marathon! Not only completed but did so in much less than the time I had calculated it would take me. Two hours and 43 minutes and 38 seconds from the time my shoes went over the start line, they crossed the finish line and I was still in them!!! That put me at a 12:28 pace and the BIG thing for me was that for the most part I jogged. I had told myself that powerwalking at my rate was acceptable and that if that was what it would take, ok. But I only powerwalked about 4 miles of the route.

I'm tired and my friends agree that I'm walking like I had WAAAAAY more fun this weekend than a race would offer but hey . . . I'm a funny-walking half marathon FINISHER!

(P.S. Thanks to Amanda who commented on my query as to whether I should register for this or not and was the voice of encouragement that pushed me over the edge and ultimately over the finish line.)


ELS Houston said...

wwwoooooooohooooooooo!! congratulations!

you are a rockstar!

Amanda said...

GIRRRRRL!!!! 13.1 miles in less than 3 hours?!?!


Jean said...

Go KC, Go KC, It's your birthday, you did it, rock the house, Go KC!

A toast to you and your accomplishment!