Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Irony Roasting on an Open Fire

Disclaimer: This is not a political jibe. . . . It's a media jibe.

I'm watching the Today show this morning while reading the paper. The Houston Chronicle has just told me that current President Bush has enlisted the help of former Presidents Bush and Clinton to raise money for the tsunami victims when lo and behold elder George appears on my television screen. I've got the sound down so I don't hear what he has to say about the efforts (and moving slightly away from my disclaimer, why President Carter who has not been a particular fan of either Bush wasn't also asked to perform this humanitarian function) but I do note that he's in Houston. The screen points this out in 18 pt. type at least. Why would that be amazing or amusing? Because behind said speaker is a roaring fire.

This item followed the weatherman announcing that Houston may reach near record-setting temperatures today . . . 78 degrees.

"Put another log on the fire, honey, we've got compassion to project."

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