Thursday, January 06, 2005

Do you ever . . . ?

Do you ever catch a glimpse of your reflection in a window and think, "Looking pretty good today!" and then a few minutes later walk past a mirror and think, "Yuck, what happened in the last five minutes to make me gain that much weight?" Sometimes it feels like I NEVER see the same reflection . . . leading me to believe that indeed, I have absolutely no idea what I really look like. Some of you must be familiar with that whole growing-up-as-a-fat-girl-so-I-can't-imagine-a-thin-me-even-when-the-scale-and-the-mirror-says-otherwise thing that happens to people. I have that!

Another thing . . .

Do you ever get comments on what you're wearing -- nice comments -- and realize that every time you wear that particular thing people say nice things about that particular thing? I am currently wearing a multi-colored sweater that I know makes me look boxy but never fails to garner praise fot its own self. This always leads me to believe that it is true . . . sometimes you wear clothes and sometimes your clothes wear you.


Jean said...

Girlfriend, you are not alone! I am covinced that I have no REAL idea what I look like. My husband used to get annoyed because I would ask - am I bigger than her? He thought I was comparing myself to other people, but actually I was trying to find a guage - a way to see through someone else's eyes - how big am I? Of course, these days I feel super skinny since I am riding the weigh loss train on down the track. I'm sure next year when I have gone as far as I can and perhaps even gained a few pounds back I will see the old me in the mirror again. She'll always be somewhere inside.

KC said...

I do that too! I keep thinking if I could just find someone in the three-dimensional world that is similar to my size, well, then I'll KNOW.