Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ate Something, Pain Is Gone, But . . . Day 3

"Balance is that place on the pendulum we pass through on our way to the opposite extreme."

She said something like that. And it may have been the last thing in the theology-meets-sociology-meets-anthropology-meets-philosophy workshop I understood completely.

I've often said that I accept that I'm not brilliant but I am smart enough to surround myself with geniuses. In fact, I realize that I've made much of whatever reputation I have explaining the genius of others.

But I'd have to have my own interpreter to even begin to frame what I'm hearing here. I decided it's best if I just let whatever can soak in. I'm not even taking notes. I'm just trying to be . . . in the moment . . . and hear . . . and at whatever level I can . . . understand.

Whew! this thinking stuff is hard!

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