Friday, May 06, 2005

Life Keeps Happening

I'm not sure how this many days snuck behind my back and passed with no word on the blog from me!

I was yea verily SHOCKED when I saw that the last tidbits chronicled here were from Monday.

But life happens . . . and it's been happening a great deal this week with few breaks.

Mind you, there's nothing truly tremendous to report. I haven't signed any contracts, taken up with any strangers, found ultimate enlightenment or anything of that sort.

I've just edited a few publications, written a few stories, designed a two-day learning experience, seen a play, seen a movie, had several good meals and even better conversations, rode in a convertible, borderd on a meltdown, recovered, blew a fuse in my apartment, cleaned and done laundry.

Truly nothing much . . .

And while this is brief and pretty inconsequential I had to get something on the screen or I would have felt somehow "less than" this week.

So there you have it!

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