Monday, August 01, 2005

I "Preached" on Sunday

I’ve decided that there are things that we are created by God to be and when we pursue those things we are living in a passion-filled state, and it’s a joy, and maybe even an ordination of sorts. Then, because we are creations of God, we have the capacity to do other things. These may not bring us passion-filled joy but we are quite competent at them. Finally, there are a few things that fall into the “while-we-can-do-all-things-in-Christ-there-are-some-things-that-should-be-left-to-others” category.

Communicating about just about anything is almost a calling for me.

Speaking in public or what some might call "preaching" is what I can do if asked.

Number crunching of any kind is one for my third category.

As usual, I'm glad I did this bit of stretching but have no desire to make it a habit.

Kudos to all the folks I know who regularly put themselves out there and live out of their passionate resolve that they have been called by Creator God to do so. May you consistently be blessed.


Baby said...

I have to tell you how great yesterday was. I know it wasn't in your passion category, but it was clearly above accounting - and really you did what you are good at - you communicated the message. It's funny how often we get scared that God wants us to do something HARD and if we would just do what he has gifted us with it would be a lot easier on all of us.

Freaked-Out Ethel said...

I thought you did a wonderful job.

sandcastlz0511 said...

Well, I know I missed out on something really awesome. There is no doubt in my mind that you did a terrific job. I'm just sorry I wasn't able to be there after all.