Tuesday, August 16, 2005

We Had Ourselves a Baptism

Emerging from the waters
A new creation
saturated in salty tears and chlorine
Old habits hardly broken
(hiding behind hands)
Yet only for a moment

Hugs await
As do gifts
of the s/Spirit

What a rag-tag wonder!
Metaphorical moment
Witnessed by
co-workers in couture
bandana-ed brothers
similarly seeking "sisters"
fellow travelers, friends
and a fair share
of four-legged creatures

Mingling amidst the love
A joyous soul
still questioning, on the edge
Listening, learning, charming
her way deeper into our hearts

Mark this end of the beginning
And beginning toward a new end
Mark this milestone in the journey

Baptism at poolside.


Baby said...

God, I love you!

Finding the Happy said...

Very nice.