Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Snippets in a Day

Today was a day of much sorrow . . . not for me exactly, but for many folks I know. Subjects of conversations today included divorce, death, the fragileness of the church, the ignorance of some of the church's leadership, violence, infidelity, frail bodies and minds, uncertain futures and more.

During one chat, my companion and I determined that one of the uphill battles we currently fight is that for many people in our generation (under 50 or so), "easy" is an expectation. Our parents would never have assumed that easy was an option -- in marriage, in raising children, in work, in faith, in life. But for us, we want "easy" and when we don't get it, we often run away. (Yes, I know the irony of a runaway divorcee making such a statement.)

During another conversation, I said aloud, "When evangelicals realize that many folks they are trying to reach today are more concerned about the here and now than the hereafter, they may get somewhere."

Both dialogues were more theoretical than specific to any one situation. But both shared a desire to make things better. Then I read a message from someone who was making hard, non-easy choices and as a result making hers and others "here and now" a much better, deeper, solid place. And I rejoiced.

Some people really do practice what they preach.

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Anonymous said...

Yes they do. And it's fun to watch the practicing and the preaching unfold.