Thursday, December 08, 2005

Here's One for You . . .

You're driving along and you've just stopped at a red light when a truck gets the green and takes off. Immediately, a large plank falls from the truck and lands in the road. Next, a young man rushes into the road to grab the plank.

Do you think:

(a) What in idiot to risk his safety just to get save a few bucks on a piece of wood?
(b) What a nice guy to remove the risk of the plank and insure the safety of others?

Your choice on this one reveals alot about you don't you think?


e said...

i would think...
(c) "Man I sure could use that in the art piece I'm doing for mom this christmas....i wonder where that truck went...and if he'll lose another one."

beholdhowfree said...

oddly, this happened to me once. right on the 610 and 59 interchange. without thinking, perhaps stupidly, i jumped out of my car helped the folks put the wood back into their truck. it's amazing i'm still alive...the wood didn't go through my windshield and i didn't get hit by a car!