Sunday, December 18, 2005

Postmodern Indeed

Consider this . . . I'm just back from a German theater where I saw a French film about a monastic order who live in silence and the only occasional sounds we heard in the three hours were chants in Latin, a brief explanation in French, and nature.

I came away with a haunting feeling . . . the order allowed the filming after 16 years of considering it. Time for them was critical . . . their days were based on order and yet they were very far removed from what we might consider the demands of society. I could not embrace this life of separation. For me, creation is to be celebrated with folks like those who attended the film with me, walked the Christmas market with me, and over a coffeehouse brunch, challenged me to consider what I can do about an AIDS ministry in India. In other words, I'm too engaged to become so disengaged. Yet . . .

To be one's true self is a celebration. And, thus, tonight I celebrate the monk, the pastor, the missionary, and the passionate observer. God bless us one and all.


Finding the Happy said...

I imagine they would challenge your position by asking how could you live in a society were the demands constantly separate you from God?

Anonymous said...

Hey Karen, I definitly know what you're talking about. Although I'm learning so much from the monks I could never live like this. I think there is a reason why we are not going to heaven the very moment we believe in Jesus and that is to be a part of this world.

I really enjoyed meeting you and talking about stuff. Looking forward to meet you again whenever and wherever that will be.