Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Crazy Talk

Is talking aloud to one's self truly a sign of taking the curve? If so, does the nice jacket with the long sleeves come in earth tones 'cause white is just not my color!

Sunday night after a particularly sweaty workout I had quite an animated conversation with me in the bathtub. Smiling at the absurdity of it all but somewhat enjoying the company, I acknowledged that when one lives alone, sometimes these moments can't be avoided. Still I felt a wave of sadness at the idea of just how alone I sometimes am.

Unless of course it's a Monday like last night when I met up with the young woman whose wedding I'm coordinating/stage managing/whatever. Or tonight when I have to go to both Weight Watchers and then usher at the Alley Theater. Or Wednesday when I'm heading out to Tomball to help Ken and Becky move into a new house. Or Thursday when I once again show people to their seats at Stages Theater or Friday when I leave for New Mexico.

So . . . maybe I'm not so alone after all, huh? Still . . . if that jacket does come in different colors . . .


Finding the Happy said...

May I suggest a flotilla of rubber duckies as the perfect decoy to avoid the straight jacket...or perhaps a goldfish?

KC said...

A goldfish has definite possibilities . . . and I could name him/her Freud!