Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Recounting the greatness that is my life

-I completed a solid hour of a kick boxing class Monday night and was actually able to do almost every move completely through . . . I do however seem to have an issue with balance and so 8 consecutive rapid kicks to the side are not currently in my "have done" list

-Friends challenge my thinking almost daily . . . not in a confrontive "oh how trivial you really can be, Karen" kind of way but simply by adding new thoughts for me to consider

-Lunches that turn into counseling sessions that turn into workshops that turn into laughter are not out of the norm for me

-I know at least ten good men by name, heart, and mind that make my life richer. I know fewer, much fewer, SOBs

-The count on good women is almost impossible to calculate

-I'm blessed with a number of twenty-somethings that teach me something new on a regular basis

-I'm as likely to get a communication from London or Germany as I am from California or southwest Houston.

-After an impromptu party thrown by bestest boy pal Sunday night, I dragged home ready to get under the covers and just wait for Monday to roll around (it had been that kind of weekend) and Roger, the host, called just to say "I love you"

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Anonymous said...

had you started with the eight kicks...i believe you could've done it...but then...i believe you can do absolutely anything you want to do.