Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm Going All Priest-y On You

A priest is a priest, no matter where she happens to be. Her job is to recognize the holiness in things and hold them up to God.

My recent posts indicate that I've been reading Barbara Brown Taylor who said the line above. When I thought about the idea of "recognizing the holiness" of my current reality and "holding them up to God" I had to smile Wow! What an amazing few weeks this August has brought into my life.

So . . . now . . . this "priest" holds the following up in celebration of their holiness . . . the birth of a baby in Germany and another strong soul in California and the two families who have chosen not easy ways but ways that advocate the living of life rather than simply existing . . . the struggles of a young woman who has grown and matured and who tackled her latest affront with fortitude that she didn't previously know she had . . . the wedding of a dear friend's son and the opportunity for a family who has seen great tragedy to also know great joy . . . young women coming together to make life better for the young women who will come after them . . . resilence in the face of financial crisis by a woman who often ministers to me more than any pastor I've known . . . such strong emotional connections among friends that "family" is a better term for who they are to me . . . first days of school . . . a long waited for and much needed job coming to a dear man and friend . . . learners who will go to great measures to find mentors . . . and at least one example of the established church partnering with the emerging.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow . . .

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