Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's Juli's Fault

Juli tagged me. And only because I think she's an amazing woman am I fulfilling her request to tell at least five things about me that someone else might find amazing . . . (Since I sincerely doubt anyone who doesn't love me would give a hoot about what I'm about to say, I strongly encourage all mere acquaintances or friends who have not committed to longterm emotional involvement with me to skip this entry and read through my posts of the past or, better yet, link to some of my friends who are far more amazing and who you'll find listed on the right hand side of this page.)

1. I started working when I was 13 years old and haven't quit since. The Dairy Queen was my home away from home for five years and I spent many a late Friday night driving around Greenfield, TN with the windows down to try and eliminate the smell of french fries from my hair and clothes. I can still make that curly top on soft serve ice cream and practice any chance I get . . . usually at Jason's Delis and Chinese buffets.

2. I'm two degrees separated from the former pope. You know that six degrees of separation theory? Well, my former boss (in the 1980s) was a head honcho of a LARGE religious organization and she was invited to meet him along with lots of other head honchos. She went and did the meet and greet thing. Cool thing was the "souvenir" from the experience -- they sent our organization the chair in which she sat.

3. One book lists my name as an author. Another doesn't but was compiled and practically rewritten from other sources by yours truly. They are both rather boring pieces of curriculum and my own family (who own copies of the first) have acknowledged that they've never read them. Frankly, I don't blame them. (And having written this I think the so-called amazing part may not be that I'm published but that I can readily admit how boring an author I really am!)

4. I've gotten at least three standing ovations in my career. And, while I readily gave up that aspect of my work long ago and realize that I'm supposed to be humble and totally unaffected by such attention, I enjoyed every second of the experience.

5. I have incredible taste in friends . . . they are the best part of who I am. And "grateful" doesn't adequately cover how I feel to know and love them.

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Anonymous said...

I sincerly doubt the fith point on the list, since you consider some crazy germans among your friends.
Just kidding.
Yes, I read you blog. And it is interesting, too. So you can write after all. Greetings from the father to be ;-)