Monday, January 29, 2007

Post Rejection Weekend

Driving to work this morning I heard Donna Summers sing, "Last dance last dance for love yes, it's my last chance for romance tonight . . ." I grinned, turned up the volume and sang along.

"I need you, by me, beside me, to guide me . . . " That's when I checked out the view . . . What was "beside me" was a fantastic view of the Houston skyline backlit by a cloud-infused sunrise color burst. And I thought, "not a bad way to be guided!"

By the time the song concluded I laughed aloud.

Which pretty much sums up how I feel about my post-rejection weekend. I'm laughing. I'm smiling. I'm singing. I have no evidence that things are better but I know they are.

Kinda of like what my little community talked about yesterday . . . We have no evidence. We sometimes don't have faith. And yet, we keep going. I left that group grateful that I'm "going" but certainly not alone!

Here's some highlights from the way I would always want to deal with life after having been rejected by someone who didn't really know me well enough to do so:

  • I heard my favorite five year old play a violin before a crowd of 500 or more folks all supporting their Suzuki students.
  • I dined with a friend from California who always challenges me to be better at my profession and gives me hope that soul mates do happen. (She's certainly a woman in love.)
  • I exercised better and more than I have in a long time and could see the results.
  • I prepped, shopped and cooked for 22 people and the meal came out hot, delicious and was every bit the birthday celebration of my best friend that I wanted it to be. Plus, I was surrounded and assisted by other friends who serve to remind me how blessed I am.
  • I allowed myself to grieve, to rest.
  • I spent time with a community who doesn't push answers but definitely has something going on worthy of my attention.
  • I ushered at the theater.
  • And I remembered that I can't wait to see what happens next.


juli said...

sometimes i hate boys.
sorry i hadn't read these past few posts sooner know i would've asked about it.

chin up.

Gary Long said...

Looks like you saw the same sunrise as my buddy Carl, who gave us the photo i posted on tothelees this morning.

It was a fabulous sunrise. Perilous sunrise, though. It brings to mind a quote from my farmer grandfather, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky at morning sailors take warning."

Sorry, I know the post was really about you being appropriately happy (and you should...), but i had to throw in some NC farm humor.

I really liked the line, "having been rejected by someone who didn't really know me well enough to do so." It begs your gentle-reader to question to whom he hands control of his life and where he looks for validation.

KC said...

Don't know if Gary thinks I handed control over or looked for valdiation in someone else or not but I just want to clarify that I DID NOT!