Thursday, July 12, 2007

Big News! Big Changes!

I'm leaving my job ... and in many ways, my career.

There! I said it. Whew! I feel better.

Actually, I feel great. Those who know me well know that for the last couple of years, I've struggled with feeling somewhat like the proverbial fish out of water. I loved the work environment that I was able to enjoy every day. I was good at my job. But the idea of working for institutional church life and especially working somewhat closeted about some of my convictions that would just not please those who I serve ... well, that troubled me.

I kept waiting for something to be "done unto me". I thought that the next right job would come about because of my connections with charities or organizations with which I easily agree.


Then I realized that I wasn't really that interested in simply changing my environment. I already had a great one. I realized that I couldn't fathom doing yet another newsletter.

That's when the convergence became noticeable. My lease on my place was about up. I was planning a short trip on a sailboat with friends and one of them mentioned rather playfully that I should just take off and work as the ship's cook for a while. I was asked to fill a very public volunteer slot with a very public organization that my place of employment would not be pleased if I accepted.

And I knew.

So I have no plan other than take a year and see what happens. Ok, I actually have several plans. (Again those who know me will appreciate the emphasis on options that continues to be a theme in my life!)

I may work on this boat at some point. The captain and I will chat in detail when we set sail at the end of July.

I am checking on doing some work with AIDS orphans in Africa.

I know when the two courses that would insure I have the proper certification for ESL occur and have all the paperwork at hand for applying.

And several friends have already offered their guest rooms. Since these friends extend from California, to Washington, to New Mexico, to Alabama and right here in Houston, I feel fairly sure I'll have a place to put my pillow.

I would love to see a novel come out of all this. I'm already writing much more than previously. Feels as though the freedom has unleashed a bit of creativity as well. I need to explore what it would take to make a living as a writer for magazines and such. I need to "try on" some roles and see what works best on me.

My stuff goes in storage to wait patiently for my return at the end of the year.

I tell the leadership at my work (my bosses and co-workers already know) in less than an hour. So I thought I would tell the folks who sometimes read this blog the news first.

Big news, right? Big changes? Definitely. Let the adventure begin!


texelct said...

Man oh man oh man, am I jealous. Man, I'm excited for you and am looking forward to the blogs to come. Live the adventure and BLOG for those of us that can't live it ourselves.

KC said...

Thanks so much, Mark! I promise to keep posting. A friend sent this today and it made me think of your comment -- “Life is not a mystery for those who choose well-worn paths. But life is a reeling, spinning whirligig for those who do not, for those who seek God beyond the boundaries of the past.” (from The Story of Ruth, by Joan Chittister)

I'm definitely "beyond the boundaries of the past" and so glad that there are folks watching out for me along the way.

some chick said...

YAY!!! This means you're coming to see us!

I'm excited for you and proud of you - it's hard to be caught in the kind of conundrum you were in, and i'm sure it feels freeing to have made your decision.

life on a boat - do you get wifi?

KC said...

wifi in ports only ... but that may all have to wait until next year since he's 'crewed' up for October ... which just means that i'll be heading out your way sometime this fall ... looking forward to it!

juli said...

oh thank God. i thought it'd never happen....jk.

so proud. so ready for you. so excited to see what happens!