Sunday, October 10, 2004

Another Form of Yoga

He said things like, "In a parallel universe they might begin with the other foot but here we begin with this one" and "You start with your left; it's arbitrary but that's the way we do it."

I kept wondering if this line of thought was keeping him from smiling as well. Today's yoga instructor was not inspirational. The speed at which he gave instruction made him less than informational as well. Did he somehow think that by offering less of himself it became more about us? I don't know. To know would mean he would have let me/us in a bit, and this guy was way too reserved to do that.

But he had a handle on the idea that it's all about the process rather than the precision. And my process is progressing nicely!

No, I still can't hold my feet straight above my head while clutching my feet and balancing on my "sit" muscles (if that's even what they're saying when the describe them!). And more than once, he said, "This will allow you to develop your form so that you can go lower. What you're doing is ok . . . for now."

But I'm learning. When I meditate on it, I'm learning a LOT. Currently, I'm being trained on weights, taking yoga classes and practicing Spanish once per week. I hadn't thought of the flood of new experiences I'm having until driving home from the place of the ommmm. (Yes, he does the kind of yoga where I'm supposed to know all the Indian phrases.)

Did I mention I'm probably not going back to his class? The ommmmm has little to do with it but perhaps is influencing my decision. I like yoga for exercise, not spiritual enlightenment. I want to laugh out loud at my "fallures," be taught how to be better and smile through the experience. Hearing that doing a pose like this or that is "for crap" isn't exactly going to guarantee my total participation.

But I'm going to keep going to the other class. And I'm going to keep pushing myself physically and mentally. Spiritual push-ups are part of my day to day work world right now so that's not a problem. It's just the emotional side of me that seems to be in kindergarten.

If there were a non-smiling, fast-talking purist to learn from for that one? I'd be a willing disciple!

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ELS Houston said...

It's crazy how much an instructor can influence one's experience in a class. The last yoga class I took was taught by a spritely little Latin-homo named David (Dah-veed). He kept telling us we were all flowers and I couldn't help but laugh although I did appreciate the imagery. Que bueno que continues con tu español...espero que estés bien...