Friday, October 15, 2004

Smiley Things

I enjoy smiling. Here are a few things that have put a grin on my face recently:

  • the looks I get while powerwalking on the Bellaire walking trail
  • the wind in my face and good music to powerwalk to
  • the vast array of strange and wonderful creatures who find themselves at the Social Security office at 8:30 a.m. on a Friday morning
  • listening to a clerk who has to deal with crazys pretty regularly take it all in stride and laugh as she helps "the next in line"
  • being asked to dance when there's only the chorus left to the song
  • my friend having the guts to do karaoke
  • my other friend having the guts to do open mic night
  • and yet my other friend giving me "grief" about just about anything she finds amusing
  • the fact that I have so many friends
  • nuts in my salad
  • helping someone look good in front of others simply by encouraging her to be herself
  • great conversation
  • mediocre conversation
  • silence
  • sunlight dancing through leaves
  • getting under the covers and pulling them up to my chin
  • adults talking about silly things like how they sleep under the covers
  • the fact that a cheap Snickers bar sometimes tastes better to me than the most expensive chocolate
  • spontaniety
  • writing down what makes me smile


ELS Houston said...

I have a list like's been going on for a couple of years now. a quick whiff from a permenant marker. watching hotdogs get overcooked in the microwave. nutella.

KC said...

It makes me smile just to do the list! Nutella, huh? You know I had never heard of that until I travelled. Do we even have it in the U.S.?