Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fair Weather Fans Unite!

I have a hard time with "in theory." I like to see, to experience. I'm not sure if I'll ever know anything fully but concrete is a little easier for me to handle than abstract. (Unless we're talking paintings and then I'd rather have the freedom to play with interpretations . . . so, ok, just call me fickle.)

However, my need for results is why I don't follow sports until it matters. The fourth quarter, the final inning, the last minutes on the clock, the playoffs -- NOW we're getting somewhere!

Unless of course, you're an Astros fan and it's the top of the ninth and one strike stands between you and the World Series.

I've been sick at my stomach all day long.


bigwhitehat said...

You don't really like sports.
There aint no shame in that.
The final moments are fun for anybody.

beholdhowfree said...

But now....we have REALLY won! Go 'stros!