Friday, November 18, 2005

Did You Get That?

I'm sure some of your have experienced attending a movie where the young people scream at the screen in order to prevent the currently-being-stalked-soon-to-be-knived-secondary-character from opening the door to the room where the knife-ready killer resides. And you may have enjoyed a showing with a predominantly African American audience who also chime in when they feel they have advice to offer up to the heroine. (My first exposure to this was The Color Purple and it truly added to the experience.)

But have you ever had the joy of sitting in with an overwhelmingly senior citizen audience? I did. Today. Their shout outs occurred every time the soft-spoken Capote lisped his way too speedily through the dialogue:

(whispered semi-loudly) "What did he say?"
(shouted for those of us three rows back to hear) "He said he didn't have a title yet."

Not once, not twice, but several times . . . in one showing.


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