Monday, November 07, 2005

Things I Would Like to See

  • Everyone who needs money for a just cause to have enough to make the ratio of fundraising to actual work for the cause balanced in favor of the work
  • The names of movies to reflect something about the movies. For instance, instead of Where the Truth Lies ads would proclaim "The One with Kevin Bacon and the British Guy Acting like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis Only There's a Murder". Or Nine Lives would become "The Movie with Most of the Greatest Actresses of Today Playing 10 Minute Parts and Making Art in the Process." Or Touch the Sound would be entitled "Yes, It's a Documentary but It's Good and About a Deaf Percussionist -- Pay Attention Because Yes, I Said Deaf".
  • Someone approach another someone in a crowded room and say something like, "I was watching you watch everyone else and I have to know what you're thinking."
  • People who say they want to be honest about relationships to want it more for the sake of the relationship than for just wanting to feel better about themselves
  • Something inspiring everyday
  • Me to be inspiring to someone everyday
  • An end to the war in Iraq
  • Politicians who serve the people and not the lobbyists
  • Service with a smile
  • Smiles for good service
  • All the people I love engaging in conversation with one another and discovery the beauty that I see in each of them.

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Anonymous said...

The only days you don't inspire me are the days that I don't see you.