Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tim McGraw's Next Big Hit . . . Really!

Well . . . it could be a country hit if someone would put it to music. Anyone out there up to the challenge of adding the appropriate amount of twang to this one?? (And, yes, it was inspired by my recent trip home to Tennessee.)

He's a big fish in a little pond
He's the one the town depends upon
He's the go-to guy
The get-it-done man
If he can't do it, no one can

But in the dark places when he's all alone
The big fish fears the sharks
at home
at work
at play
And wonders if he can keep them away

He married young and now she's old
The hot girl of his teenaged dreams is these days usually cold
The kids are a hoot until they're not
Then curfews and groundings are all he's got
When once he was their hero who could do no wrong
Now he's the joke who doesn't know their favorite song
The big boss in Detroit is coming down any day
And unless a miracle happens he doesn't know what to say
About the steady loss of sales and the shrinking bottom line
Once the golden boy, he's nearing gold watch time
Church -- once his handshake heaven
Has become his pleading place
If any God is listening
He loved to save some face

He's the big fish in a little pond
He's the one the town depends upon
After years of living as the get-it-done man
He's without a clue
In need of a plan

So this big fish goes back to school
And discovers his wife was never the fool
His kids have ideas worth giving a try
His work is important but not the ladder climb
And God . . .
Well, God -- wherever she is -- has shoulders much, much bigger
than his.

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Margaret said...

working on a tune. but if we really want Tim to sing it we should let Tim write the tune.