Monday, November 07, 2005

Things I'd Rather Not See

  • the blue screen of death on my home laptop that provided some slight insurance that I would blog faithfully
  • several days of empty space between blog entries that were supposed to be based on my commitment to write something regularly
  • the scale after much celebrating with friends from far and wide
  • great people having difficulties in finding jobs
  • break ups
  • replies to emails I wish I had written in the first place
  • a blank screen where I'd hoped there'd be a message waiting
  • a message from the WRONG person
  • arguments between people I know and those I don't
  • the faces of folks dealing with awkward silences hanging heavily in a room
  • the eyes of someone looking at you and yet not seeing you as they check the room for better prospects
  • a page full of numbers -- for whatver reason because at some point they blur into pure nonsense

1 comment:

Finding the Happy said...

Missed you on my daily blog nation thrill ride. Glad you are back. Grateful for your words of discernment.