Monday, February 20, 2006

Science Isn't My Thing and Yet . . .

She said, "My kids were both having to study the law of the conservation of matter at school. We got to talking about the fact that it means that all that has ever been created still exists in some form . . . even the fingernails of Jesus are still floating around out there or has already taken on a new form."

Me interrupting, "So that means the body of Christ is still out there somewhere but just may have taken on a new form, right?"

Us, "Hmmmmmmm. . . ."


sandcastlz0511 said...

Hey K, after last night's conversation at dinner, we know this to be true! Remember, J's brother got "Jesus stuck in the roof of his mouth" during communion. LOL

Margaret said...

from Austin Ryan's song we get that "with no condemnation, no guilt, we surrender our lives."

and from Scot McKnight (via TSK) we know that the emerging movement [of the Body of Christ]is a missionally shaped ecclesiology that seeks to unite Christians for the sake of unleashing the gospel to change the world.

now back to the Body of Christ stuck on the roof of someone's mouth?

i heart how the world works. science rocks.

KC said...

The story goes: The little brother of a friend was taken communion in an Episcopal church where silence was highly valued. As he and his mom returned to their seats, he said loudly, "Mom, I've got Jesus stuck to the roof of my mouth!"

beholdhowfree said...

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