Monday, February 13, 2006


Perhaps one definition of wisdom is learning from your past. Last Thursday I traveled to Newark, NJ to work with an African American church on vision. The experience was incredible and I walked away from those 50 or so leaders having learned as much as I shared.

However, I walked away a day early.

On Friday evening we heard the news of the impending snowstorm. We checked to see what changing my Sunday flight to Saturday would cost. When we discovered that Continental was going to waive the cost of changing flights, we knew this HAD to be a big one coming our way and made the change.

Yesterday, under the blankets in my very own Houston home, I heard and saw the impact of the storm. I had flown out just as the first flakes were falling.

I have been in the air or in a foreign country during all of the following: Tinnamen Square, the Oklahoma City bombing, Tropical Storm Allison, Sept. 11, and more than a few internal squirmishes such as strikes, etc.

This time I got out while the getting was good!


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