Monday, January 28, 2008

Drip, Drip

Today I met an array of very important people who could help make the half marathon this organization has planned for National Malaria Day a success. Corporate types and government types and medical types and more! And I did it all while pouring sweat as though a rusty faucet had finally been turned on and no one could quite figure out how to shut it off.

I patted with a flimsy tissue. I sat in front of the car's overworked air conditioner. I shed what clothing I could and I still sweat. Think Houston in July and add 10 degrees.

But it was amazing. I am glad that I'm having the opportunity to meet some of these folks. I especially liked the marketing officer for a bank here. She declared the day a "great Monday" after hearing the presentation and noting that her own objectives for her company were aligned with this group's vision of education and awareness for mothers wanting healthy babies.

I'd sweat again if it meant we get some more supporters for this malaria awareness event.

The pleasure moment of the day (other than the ice cream) was taking a break to get a manicure and pedicure. Ahhhh . . . though embarrassed that no amount of scrubbing had removed the red mud of Karatu from my feet, I swallowed my pride and let those two incredible young people have their way with my extremeties and enjoyed every second of it. Oh! And did I mention that the salon overlooks the beach?

I may be sweating but I'm doing it in style.

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