Monday, January 21, 2008

First Weekend Highlights

First Weekend Highlights
 Walking for exercise and exploration with my housemate
 Reading, writing, and remembering what life at a slower pace feels like
 The African sky . . . at night with a full moon but puffy white clouds accenting it and the stars offering their own version of bling
 Walking alone
 Buying a pot so that we can have two to cook in and along with our one frying pan, we’re set!
 Finding a taste of heaven in a place called Bytes that caters to folks like me – non-Africans on a limited budget who enjoy prawns with chili mayo and three types of sauces in which to dip my fries. (Also went to a high end hotel to enjoy the view but the buffet there was $35 so we simply sipped and played Scrabble.)
 Hosting our first dinner party with two guests, food and party games. We had a starter of cheese and crackers, traditional African stew with beef; cabbage cooked the way I do it; rice that had to be inspected, then washed, then cooked; a tomato and cucumber salad with oil and vinegar. The laughter intensified when I introduced them to the dice game Farkle. While Jolene lost the game on paper, we awarded her 4,000 points for being willing to drive our guest home in the darkness so that she wouldn’t have to walk. That made her the night’s champion!
 Killing a from-tip-to-tip-at-least-three-inch-spider that was crawling around my bed last night . . . on my side of the mosquito net no less, so, yeah, he had to go

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Kelly said...

I am reading and enjoying. I hope all is well.